Shikinotabi Co., Ltd. issues North Ocean Eco Bond (private placement bonds)

On March 26, 2019, the first unsecured corporate bond (with joint guarantee by the North Pacific Bank and Hokkaido Credit Guarantee Association) “Hokuyo Eco Bond” of ¥ 100 million was issued.

We are a travel agent founded in 2010. Based on our corporate philosophy of “providing customers with pleasure and excitement through travel,” we plan and propose package tours, incentive tours, and FIT tours that allow you to enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan, traditional culture, and the appeal of food. In addition to providing support for visiting Japan, we are working to contribute to regional development. In addition, we are actively working on environmental protection, and in February 2019, we have been registered as a "Sapporo Eco Member Registration System" and have been certified as an eco company.

The North Ocean Eco Bond is issued independently and proactively in consideration of the environment, and is limited to companies that have been accredited or registered by the national or local public organizations. In addition, it is necessary for companies to meet strict issuance criteria (suitable bond criteria) for company size, finance, and profit content, and the issuing company is socially evaluated as "a good company contributing to environmental protection". . North Ocean Eco Bond has two types, Bank Guaranteed Type and Guarantee Association Guaranteed Type, and North Ocean Eco Bond (guarantee Association Guaranteed Type) is a non-guarantee type, because it receives a joint guarantee from Credit Guarantee Institute and the handling financial institution The collateral makes it possible to issue bonds.

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