CEO Message

With the feeling that she wants to fully enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan, we named the company name "Shikinotabi".

Japan, colored by the beautiful seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, attracts us completely different beauty depending on the season to visit.
The seasons in Japan are such a wonderful thing that I want to see all of the changes in each season.

The charm of Japan is the beauty of the four seasons, and Japan's distinctive culture where tradition and state-of-the-art technology are fused.
I would like to enjoy the four seasons of Japan in traditional culture all over Japan, seasonal food, nature and hot springs and resort areas.

We, Shikinotabi, we will offer you the pleasure and excitement, the journey that remains intact, the best service.

We will continue to strive to contribute to the development of tourism officials in the area and the local community that we will support and support us to visit more customers "Japan" visit.

Shikinotabi Co., Ltd.