For those thinking about joining - Message from CEO -

Shikinotabi season trip launched as an inbound travel company in November 2010.

For studying abroad, more than 20 years have passed since I came to Korea. When I just came to Japan, I could not speak Japanese well and my first part-time job in Japan was handouts. Although it was serious, I really appreciate being able to work to make a living. While studying abroad, I was able to experience various jobs in Japan such as food department, rental video store, convenience store, duty free shop in Akihabara.

After graduating from university, I got to experience the enjoyment of the inbound travel business after I got a job at a travel agency. Make a wonderful and attractive place in Japan as a travel plan and propose it to overseas travel agencies. The travel plan planned by myself was commercialized, and many visitors to Japan who participated in that course were very satisfied with our customers, and when they appreciate it was a truly great mood and we were proud. And one of my pleasure was to go overseas business with a newly planned travel plan and deepen interaction with business people.

Through experience of social workers in Japan that I experienced until now, when I managed a company I had the idea of ​​making such a company. Incorporating the feeling that overseas customers want to fully enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan, we named the company name " Shikinotabi ".

A company that can work happily with a vision, a company that can always return to those who work hard, every day we aim to become a company that our bosses, men and colleagues respect one another as one person. Although it is still far away to become an ideal company, I definitely want to make employees of the Shikinotabi feel more satisfied and happier than any leading companies. With its strong thoughts, I am facing growth of all employees. We strive to think about our customers first, to ensure that our employees can be happy, and eventually to contribute to the development of the region.

Shikinotabi , fields are expanding to maximize your growth and possibilities.
Let's challenge together "to a bright, happy and happy future".

Shikinotabi Co., Ltd.