It was aired on Taiwanese television news about Hokkaido sightseeing including the interview of Shikinotabi

On Taiwanese TV news, it was aired on Hokkaido sightseeing after the earthquake on September 6, including interviews at Shikinotabi.
Videos are posted also on the privacy TV.

※ The summary of the video is as follows.

A 6.7-class earthquake occurred in Hokkaido in early September,
Due to the government's efficient response, it seems now that both traffic and electricity are fully resurrected.
Each sightseeing spot in Hokkaido does well without any effect.

At Northern Horse Park in Tomakomai it is a theme park where you can interact with horses and nature,
It is very popular because you can enjoy various pleasures.

Despite visiting after the earthquake, it is not affected and there are many Taiwanese tourists.
According to the coverage, Taiwanese tourists have many voices expected from the recovery of the Hokkaido earthquake disaster.