Staff Introduction

Employee Introduction

We asked the staffs on Shikinotabi about the charm of working in charge and traveling in Shikinotabi.

Employee OSales (charge package tour)Planning and proposing tours such as hotels, buses, restaurants, sightseeing spots are the main tasks. People's movements and reservation situation also fluctuate due to seasons and events, so we always keep track of the situation so that there is no mistake and check the information over and over again. I accompany you to the tour that I arrange and carry out training that I can make use of to the next proposal to customers, go to business travel company with business trips overseas, PR to travel products planned by myself It is.
Employee ISales (Incentive tour charge)I am in charge of planning incentive tours (corporate training and group travel) for Korean customers who are visiting Japan for the first year since I first joined the company. Since we arranged arrangements with family and friends as if entertaining, you can feel rewarding when you receive feedback from customers "I enjoyed" "I want to come again". Last time when I went to the East with a company company for the first time, I got an excellent scenery point and a gourmet gourmet and it was a very good experience. From now on I will challenge the tour planning in Higashi and I would like to convey the merits of Japan and the goodness of Hokkaido to many people.
Employee KSales (FIT tour charge)On the FIT tour (private trip), we also plan a day tour of tourist spots in Hokkaido. Although our customers from Korea currently occupy a large share of the market, we will continue to challenge to cultivate new markets by strengthening bus tours that can accommodate Chinese and English by taking advantage of language skills . Shikinotabi are various countries and employees who came from various regions, so it is fun to be told you the language and culture.
Employee YPurchase and arrangementWe check vacancy in the hotel in the country, negotiate the price, arrange for reservation. Since the exchange with the hotel people accounts for 80% of the work, communication is kept in mind, since usual little telephone exchange may be a precious source of information. As the hotel which we usually cooperate with is only a hotel which can guide you with confidence also as Shikinotabi, we ask each customer to know more about the goods of Shikinotabi as safe, good quality, spread widely I want to go.